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ImagePix Taken the McRight Way

by Kagan Pittman

Whether you’re promoting your business or a product, needing portraits or event photography, you want only the best shots. So when looking for  a professional photographer whom else should you turn to but someone  passionate about what they do?

Jeanne McRight

PIX Photography is a solo business run by Jeanne McRight, professional photographer and artist.

With over 35 years of experience and over 30 visual arts grants and awards, Jeanne’s credentials are only the tip of the iceberg of what makes her stand out.

Raised by avid photographers, Jeanne got her first camera at 8 years old. “I would go out with my father and we’d take pictures. I still have my little Brownie Hawkeye camera… and it works!”

Specializing in commercial photography, Jeanne prides herself as a jack-of-all trades photographer. Her jobs include headshots, portraits, event photography, advertising, architecture, interiors and business promotions.

Originally from the United States, Jeanne came to Canada with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in Philadelphia. There she learned skills in fine arts, design and composition, which have translated into her photography today.

Jeanne McRight has refined her skills in years of specialized workshops. “Although I went to art school, I’m basically self-taught in photography.”

As a result of her background in visual arts, Jeanne treats her photographs like graphic compositions. “My commercial photography is like illustration in the visual arts,” she says.

“It’s taking somebody’s idea or working with someone who has a need and helping them realize that need. I am attracted by that need and try to fulfill it. That’s what my commercial photography is about.”

Aside from PIX Photography, Jeanne showcases her fine art photography at http://www.jeannemcright.com. Often in black and white, the images presented are the types of photos you may see on someone’s wall rather than in commercial use.

Jeanne also taught at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, teaching visual arts and photography. “The best teachers are facilitators,” Jeanne says. “They set interesting problems and allow students to solve them under guidance without giving them more instruction than they need.”

With all her experience comes the need for quality tools. With a personal studio and wide range of equipment to serve any need, Jeanne feels prepared for any job.

Carrying two camera bodies at a time during events, Jeanne works to avoid missing anything. “I don’t need to struggle with changing lenses, I can just pick one up and shoot pick another one up and shoot. I choose the equipment to suit the need.”

Photography is usually one of those things that people think is easy; pick up the camera, point and shoot. But when your needs are professional or if you simply want the best results possible, the passion and extensive experience of photographers like Jeanne McRight can meet the demand.

via Pix Taken the McRight Way | Here in Brampton Magazine.


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