Good photographers found here

CAPIC logo_2

I’m now a member of CAPIC, the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators. Looking for looking for highly qualified photographers and illustrators? This is where to find them.

You can find my profile here.

This organization is of great benefit to its members, too. From CAPIC’s website: “CAPIC is the collective voice and advocate for professional photographers, illustrators, and digital artists in Canada. We work hard to maintain industry standards, create a community, fight for copyright protection, and much more. Our work helps all the professionals in our industry, but only members benefit fully. As a professional association, CAPIC’s mission is to promote quality and creativity, as well as good business practices.”

It’s win-win, all the way.

PPOC Accreditation Portfolio: Animals

Images from my Animal portfolio that won me my Accredited status with the PPOC. Love taking animal pics!

Moon Jellyfish
Dancing Moon Jelly
Butterfly on a leaf
Dots and Lines: Butterfly on a Leaf
Two black swans stand near a dark lake.
Two black swans beside a dark lake.
Portrait of a cute terrior looking alert and curious.
Portrait of a cute terrior looking alert and curious.
Big Brown Yak Eye
Soft and Lovely Yak Eye
Snakes on a Stick
Snakes Entwined
Brown snail on green leaf.
Garden Snail on long horizontal Hosta leaf
Sheep with long fleece resting in its stall's straw bedding.
Sheep with long fleece resting in its stall’s straw bedding.
Hungry rhinoceros eating hay.
Rhino with open mouth ready to take a bite of hay.
Fancy white koi swims in a dark green pond.
Beautiful silver koi with ruffled fins swims gracefully in a dark green pond.

Headshots in action!

Just did a headshot series for my talented friend and former photography student Andrew Beg. We shot at various locations and in my studio resulting in a varied portfolio of promotional images he can use when he has an upcoming gig. If you are in the Toronto area, go hear him sing – he’s great.

Jazz poster portrait of jazz singer andrew Beg by Jeanne McRight
Andrew Beg Portrait. Photography ©2015 Jeanne McRight.

Exhibition announcement

Here’s an image from a documentary photo series called Etobicoke from my new exhibition at Open Call!

Window view blocked by large tree trunk.
Window partially blocked by spruce tree trunk. One of a series of photos documenting life in the suburban west Toronto neighborhood of Etobicoke.

The Photo That Made Me: Steve Schapiro, Arkansas 1961

Great article – makes me want to go back over my work and think about a single iconic image that was a turning point. It would have been taken with the Kodak Retina Reflex my Dad gave me. That was after my Brownie Hawkeye but before I got my first Nikon!