Dandelion delights

There’s nothing like being presented with a bouquet of bright yellow #dandelions on a spring day – unless you run through a field of #fluffy seed heads in a slight breeze. 

Dandelion gone to seed
Humble maligned beauty, this dandelion: delicate, complex and ready for play.
Grassy meadow with dandelion puffs.
Dappled sunlight, a slight breeze, and a grassy meadow filled with dandelion puffs.

Double Vision 2016!

Double portrait made by myself and Toronto artist Juliana Kolesova for the CAPIC show called Double Vision, which opened last night. What a fun party! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who came – it was great to see you! This interesting show is at Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Gallery and runs until March 20.

Double portrait by Jeanne McRight and Juliana Kolesova
CAPIC’s Double Vision 2016: Jeannie McRight and Juliana Kolesova

Good photographers found here

CAPIC logo_2

I’m now a member of CAPIC, the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators. Looking for looking for highly qualified photographers and illustrators? This is where to find them.

You can find my profile here.

This organization is of great benefit to its members, too. From CAPIC’s website: “CAPIC is the collective voice and advocate for professional photographers, illustrators, and digital artists in Canada. We work hard to maintain industry standards, create a community, fight for copyright protection, and much more. Our work helps all the professionals in our industry, but only members benefit fully. As a professional association, CAPIC’s mission is to promote quality and creativity, as well as good business practices.”

It’s win-win, all the way.