Approaching winter, Mars

Approaching winter, Mars

“Deep shadows create dramatic contrasts between light and dark in this
high-resolution close-up of the martian surface. Recorded on January
24 by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the
scene spans about 1.5 kilometers across a sand dune field in a
southern highlands crater. Captured when the Sun was just 5 degrees
above the local horizon, only the dune crests are caught in full
sunlight. With the long, cold winter approaching the red planet’s
southern hemisphere, bright ridges of seasonal frost line the martian
dunes.” – from Astronomy Picture of the Day

Find a Way

Find a Way

Sad Joy, for C.K. Williams; from Wonder, Serenity series . Copyright©2014_Jeanne_McRight._All_Rights_Reserved.

A solitary evening walk by the lake in late winter, with mist settling in. Beautiful. Luckily I had my camera…

This is popular on 500px, and prints are available there if you are interested.

“Reality does n…

“Reality does not exist by itself. It’s an intellectual construction; and photography is a tool to negotiate our idea of reality.”
– Joan Fontcuberta

– Catalan photographer/artist/writer/educator Joan Fontcuberta, as recently stated in the film made by the Hasselblad Foundation, which accompanied the announcement that he was the recipient of their 2013 International Award in Photography. 

Capture is only one aspect of how an image is perceived – think of all the other variables. Somehow we are able to “get” the image despite its modification by camera noise, shine on a glossy print, monitor color calibration, viewing context, your own unique eyesight, 256 greys, ad infinitum… 

Fontcuberta’s pithy observation brings into question generally-accepted industry standards of photographic excellence. Is it time for a change? Our expectations are driven by swiftly-changing criteria, culturally based. Photographers’ passionate quest for the newest capture and production technology says something about photographic values as they exist now, very different from the past.

One can’t help but wonder what’s down the road.

Woodland Fashions

Fashion at the Emporium, ©2014 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Recent fashion shoot at a new gallery space in Port Credit. The fashions, hair and makeup were designed with a woodland theme, and accompanied by a choreographed dance performance piece based on an Anansi legend. An elaborate set and lighting set the mood. Quite an event and fun to photograph! 

Wayne Cardinalli Pottery

See my photos of this beautiful pottery: Wayne Cardinalli Pottery

I’m currently very busy photographing all of Wayne’s beautiful pottery. He needs the images for his website, exhibition catalogues, and his business promotions. Take a look at his work – and my photos – by clicking the above link:)

BTW, I specialize in photographing artists’ works. Please contact me if you need high quality images of your creations.

Photographing art works…


Photographing art works…

Even though I’m working on a lot of commercial shoots these days, I’ve set myself to concentrate on form. You might think that would be easy when it comes to photographing the new sculptural teapots by ceramist Wayne Cardinalli. The artist has done all the hard thinking, right? The truth is, the angle of view and every shift of lighting changes how the piece’s shapes are perceived. The ceramist created the 3-dimensional form; the photographer must now create a 2-dimensional expression of that form. Technical skill is required but more than that, intuition is needed – an understanding and a feel for what the form is about.

Defining Line: Vein and Edge

from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.
Defining Line: Zigzag; from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.
from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.
Defining Line: Perforation; from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.
from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.
Defining Line: Point and Curve; from Form series, ©2013 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.