Double Vision 2016!

Double portrait made by myself and Toronto artist Juliana Kolesova for the CAPIC show called Double Vision, which opened last night. What a fun party! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who came – it was great to see you! This interesting show is at Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Gallery and runs until March 20.

Double portrait by Jeanne McRight and Juliana Kolesova
CAPIC’s Double Vision 2016: Jeannie McRight and Juliana Kolesova

Recent Exhibition, Red Head Gallery


Waking Dream

Just exhibited this portrait at the Red Head gallery in Toronto as part of Nuit Blanche. The gallery’s exhibition theme was “Insomnia”.

This work is from Touch my Unstable Matter collection in which I explore transitions, tipping points and loss of equilibrium. The woman closes her eyes but does not sleep. Instead, from wakefulness she slowly shifts to a meditative state, acutely mindful.

PPOC Accreditation Portfolio: Animals

Images from my Animal portfolio that won me my Accredited status with the PPOC. Love taking animal pics!

Moon Jellyfish
Dancing Moon Jelly
Butterfly on a leaf
Dots and Lines: Butterfly on a Leaf
Two black swans stand near a dark lake.
Two black swans beside a dark lake.
Portrait of a cute terrior looking alert and curious.
Portrait of a cute terrior looking alert and curious.
Big Brown Yak Eye
Soft and Lovely Yak Eye
Snakes on a Stick
Snakes Entwined
Brown snail on green leaf.
Garden Snail on long horizontal Hosta leaf
Sheep with long fleece resting in its stall's straw bedding.
Sheep with long fleece resting in its stall’s straw bedding.
Hungry rhinoceros eating hay.
Rhino with open mouth ready to take a bite of hay.
Fancy white koi swims in a dark green pond.
Beautiful silver koi with ruffled fins swims gracefully in a dark green pond.

Absolute Towers With Wrapped Oaks, Mississauga, Ontario

Absolute Towers With Wrapped Oaks, Mississauga, Ontario

Altered natural forms and their relationship to architecture in the urban environment. Black and white photograph ©2014 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.

This series is called Vanishing Points, a collection of images that follows my Unstable Matter theme exploring interrelated mutable forms. The photo was made of the Absolute Towers with my new tilt-shift lens, Canon’s 24mm TS-E, great for keeping perfect focus top to bottom.


“Reality does n…

“Reality does not exist by itself. It’s an intellectual construction; and photography is a tool to negotiate our idea of reality.”
– Joan Fontcuberta

– Catalan photographer/artist/writer/educator Joan Fontcuberta, as recently stated in the film made by the Hasselblad Foundation, which accompanied the announcement that he was the recipient of their 2013 International Award in Photography. 

Capture is only one aspect of how an image is perceived – think of all the other variables. Somehow we are able to “get” the image despite its modification by camera noise, shine on a glossy print, monitor color calibration, viewing context, your own unique eyesight, 256 greys, ad infinitum… 

Fontcuberta’s pithy observation brings into question generally-accepted industry standards of photographic excellence. Is it time for a change? Our expectations are driven by swiftly-changing criteria, culturally based. Photographers’ passionate quest for the newest capture and production technology says something about photographic values as they exist now, very different from the past.

One can’t help but wonder what’s down the road.

Woodland Fashions

Fashion at the Emporium, ©2014 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Recent fashion shoot at a new gallery space in Port Credit. The fashions, hair and makeup were designed with a woodland theme, and accompanied by a choreographed dance performance piece based on an Anansi legend. An elaborate set and lighting set the mood. Quite an event and fun to photograph! 

Defining Line: Caladium

Caladium, from Form: Defining Line by Jeanne McRight

Linear network of veins describes the form of this heart-shaped leaf. Black and white photograph ©Jeanne McRight 2014. All Rights Reserved.