Double Vision 2016!

Double portrait made by myself and Toronto artist Juliana Kolesova for the CAPIC show called Double Vision, which opened last night. What a fun party! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who came – it was great to see you! This interesting show is at Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Gallery and runs until March 20.

Double portrait by Jeanne McRight and Juliana Kolesova
CAPIC’s Double Vision 2016: Jeannie McRight and Juliana Kolesova

Recent Exhibition, Red Head Gallery


Waking Dream

Just exhibited this portrait at the Red Head gallery in Toronto as part of Nuit Blanche. The gallery’s exhibition theme was “Insomnia”.

This work is from Touch my Unstable Matter collection in which I explore transitions, tipping points and loss of equilibrium. The woman closes her eyes but does not sleep. Instead, from wakefulness she slowly shifts to a meditative state, acutely mindful.

Fix Your Profile Picture!

Fix Your Profile Picture!

This makes sense!

“Your profile picture! Remember: this is the answer to the following questions. What’s the first thing a potential employer or client or business colleague notices when they check out your LinkedIn page? Your Facebook page? Your Tweets? The Google results on your name? The Google Images results on your name? If you are a small business owner, what about all of the above on your business’s profile pages.

Your profile picture is about branding you and the business you own. Are you handling it that way?”

– from Fix Your Profile Picture by Rene Oricchio for INC 5000

Business headshot by Jeanne McRight ©2014 Jeanne McRight - Pix-Photography.
Business headshot by Jeanne McRight ©2014 Jeanne McRight – Pix-Photography.

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Woodland Fashions

Fashion at the Emporium, ©2014 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Fashion shoot at the Emporium

Recent fashion shoot at a new gallery space in Port Credit. The fashions, hair and makeup were designed with a woodland theme, and accompanied by a choreographed dance performance piece based on an Anansi legend. An elaborate set and lighting set the mood. Quite an event and fun to photograph!