Absolute Towers With Wrapped Oaks, Mississauga, Ontario

Absolute Towers With Wrapped Oaks, Mississauga, Ontario

Altered natural forms and their relationship to architecture in the urban environment. Black and white photograph ©2014 Jeanne McRight. All Rights Reserved.

This series is called Vanishing Points, a collection of images that follows my Unstable Matter theme exploring interrelated mutable forms. The photo was made of the Absolute Towers with my new tilt-shift lens, Canon’s 24mm TS-E, great for keeping perfect focus top to bottom.


Find a Way

Find a Way

Sad Joy, for C.K. Williams; from Wonder, Serenity series . Copyright©2014_Jeanne_McRight._All_Rights_Reserved.

A solitary evening walk by the lake in late winter, with mist settling in. Beautiful. Luckily I had my camera…

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